[Competition] Free REIDEA Candle Lighters for Referring Friends

Invite 20 friends to REIDEA community and you could get a FREE flameless candle lighter for yourself!

  • Invite 5 friends and get 30% off coupon
  • Invite 20 friends and get a FREE flameless candle lighter
  • 200 coupons and 200 Free Candle lighters available

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Prize Description

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  • Safe & Economical: No gas required, no fluid required, no Flame. One-time charge can last to more than 60 times’ use. At least can be chargedover 300 times.

  • Windproof & Fast Heat Sinking: Made of zinc-alloy,durable and fast to get heat sinking after you use it. You may usethem outdoors and never worry about the crazy wind again.

  • Non-slip Switch & Easy to Use: The switch on and off of lightingbutton is a non-slip design button. Non-slip switch can avoid wet hands andkeep you safe.

  • USB Rechargeable and Safe Lock for Children: USB cable included foryour convenience to plug in the power to any USB or charger. Also, there is asafe lock next the blue LED light.

  • Easy to Store and Maintain: Never put it under the sun and splashingwater. To keep it in clean and dry corner in your kitchen.