How to Use the Electric Arc Lighter?

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Thanks to your trust and support, our Electic Arc Lighter currently is the Top One in the category of lighers listed on Amazon, so I think it’s fully necessary that we learn more about it in order to put it in better use. Now let’s dive in!


Working Principle

This lighter ignites by generating electric arc with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, enabling users to experience a new and environmental-friendly way of ignition.

Product Description

  1. It charges through USB interface with an output voltage of DC 5V±0.5V and output current below 3000MA.

  2. The indicator light at the bottom of the lighter will be on while charging, and off automatically when the lighter is fully charged.

  3. It takes about 2-3h for a full charge, and one full charge supports hundreds of times of ignition.

  4. A safety lock at the bottom ensures that only when you push the lock to the correct side can you use the lighter. It’s less likely to be unlocked by children, effectively preventing accidental burns.

  5. The electric arc will extinguish automatically after 10s of ignition, which can avoid potential dangers resulting from temperature getting too high.

How To Use:

Push the safety lock at the bottom towards where the USB icon is. When the indicator light is on, push the ignition button upwards to ignite.


Important Notes:

  1. For safety purposes, do not touch the electric arc while igniting.

  2. Do not pierce it with a sharp object or burn it.

  3. If you are not an authorized service technician, do not take this product apart.

  4. Avoid contact with water or moisture, otherwise a short circuit may happen.

  5. Do not point the ignition tip to the face of others or yourself while igniting.

  6. High temperature (over 50℃) will affect the product’s service life or may cause fire, so keep it away from open flame and do not place it under direct sunlight for a long time.

  7. There will be noise of “zee, zee” during ignition, which is caused by high-voltage power generation, you can use at ease.

  8. Before the battery runs out of power, charge the lighter timely after use to extend the battery life.

  9. Disconnect the power timely when the lighter is fully charged, otherwise the service life of the product may be shortened.

  10. Do not use this product on any chargers other than the ones mentioned above. Otherwise there may be a risk of explosion.

  11. When lighting cigarettes, remember to clean up the ash and other debris in the arc crater after use so as to not affect the use of the lighter.

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